Last Minute Request

Friends, I know this is totally last minute... since the 2nd Annual Destination Dignity Day march will be held next Monday in Washington DC.

Nonetheless, I wanted to ask if you would be willing to help co-sponsor a bus or help some folks to participate.

The Dignity Day movement is one that is intended to create, over the years, a very broad widespread coalition of recovering folks, their families, religious, disability, civil rights and social justice groups and allies of all kinds to join to promote dignity over defamation and discrimination of our community. We recall the civil rights marches of 1960's and tipping point events like Selma, Seneca Falls and Stonewall.

This year, NY is sending about 200 marchers from New York City and Long Island via 4 buses that cost about $2,000 each.

I authorized the expense for no good reason other than belief in this cause and out of the terrific experience that a number of us had there last year.

But NYAPRS really can't afford to pay for 4 buses and 200 advocates to help us take this historic step.

That's why I am writing at the last minute to ask for your help.

Please take a look at the attached hot-off-the-presses final program.....and our request below.

I'd be very happy to announce your support in any way you'd like. We will likely be sending accounts of how this year's event went, including our sponsors on the DD website at

Again, very last minute but thanks for considering!

Best all, Harvey

From: Harvey Rosenthal Sent: Friday, September 30, 2016 7:33 AM To: 'nyaprs at' Subject: Send a Recovery Chamption to Oct. 10 Destination Dignity March!

NYAPRS Note: Hundreds of self-advocates are preparing to come to Washington DC on October 10 to participate in our 2nd Annual Destination Dignity March and Rally (see below for more details). We will join our voices to call for an America in which every person affected by mental health challenges is valued in their communities and supported with the right kind of help when and where they need it. We will call for a national strategy for social justice and dignity to counter the history of discrimination and stigma.

Please support our cause!

Last year, NYAPRS sent 3 busloads of spirited marchers....this year, we aim to send 4 from LI and NYC. But this year we can't afford to do this on our own. We'll need your help!

It costs about $40 to send each New Yorker...e.g. $8,000+ for 4 buses.

Please support a recovery champion to attend this historic event by donating at

To learn more about these actions, please contact the following board members: Long Island: Julie Erdman at jberdman1214 at<mailto:jberdman1214 at> New York City: Carla Rabinowitz at crabinowitz at<mailto:crabinowitz at>

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! [cid:459F1CE1-3213-428A-BF1B-366D6F725A2D]