MCTAC trainings for rest-of-state and children's providers!

NYAPRS Note: MCTAC is offering another round of trainings below. Utilization Management and the transformation of the Children’s System. Both offerings are for “rest of state” and will include face to face trainings in a location near you. Also, if you live and work near Syracuse and Batavia, and you are a smaller organization who is just embarking on the Medicaid and managed Care journey don’t miss the last 2 regional kick off events for our specialized assistance. You can read more about all of MCTAC’s offerings and register below. Participants are finding these trainings extremely helpful in planning for our future so don’t miss out.

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What's new with MCTAC?

Upcoming Offerings:

Be sure to register now for the quickly approachingUtilization Management and Billing Seriesand the Children's System Transformation Forums! Learn more about the two series, including how to register, below!

1)Utilization Management and Billing Series for Rest of State and Long Island Adult Behavioral Health Providers:a two-part UM and Billing Series intended for staff responsible for utilization management and billing activities. This series will include a kickoff webinar on March 23rd, followed by in-person offerings statewide from the end of March to mid-April. Learn more about the series and its schedule here!

2) Children's System Transformation Forums: in-person forums intended for executive & senior leadership of child-serving providers, hosted statewide in partnership with NYS DOH, OMH, OASAS, and OCFS. For more information, including registration links, please visit the events page.

Currently Underway:

Don't miss the final offerings of the MCO Contracting Fairs and Small Business Kickoff Events, currently underway! Thank you to those who have attended thus far. Details can be found below.

1) Contracting Series for Rest-of-State Adult Behavioral Health Providers:

Providers in Hudson Valley and Long Island: register now for the fairs in your area. Keep an eye out for more details regarding the North Country/Lake Placid fair, to be held in early April.

Additionally, we strongly encourage participants to review and complete the provider information form, available here, in order to prepare for your conversations with the various MCOs. For registration information, please visit the events page.

2) Small Business Regional Kickoff Events:

Register now for the final two kickoff forums in Syracuse (March 30th) and Batavia (March 31st)! These forums are intended for smaller behavioral health providers who are just starting to contract and deliver services through Medicaid and managed care.Smaller providers interested in learning more and registering can do sohere.

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