New E-Guide on Healthy Behavior Change

NYAPRS Note: Check out The College of Behavioral Health Leadership’s recently released “Healthy Behavior Change E-Guide.”

According to the site, Healthy Behavior Change is shorthand for mobilizing your internal and external resources to move toward better health and well-being. It is a journey that necessarily includes getting to know yourself better and community organizing. This is because health is not only related to individual behaviors, but also environmental factors, your biology, the healthcare system, and other formal and informal systems of services and support.”



The Healthy Behavior Change E-Guide pulls together informationeguide-image

on the research and practice that describes the real revolution

in health care - the empowerment of people, families and communities to take charge of their health. Power to the people!

The E-Guide is our attempt to:

  • Bring the focus of health back to the individual, family, and community.
  • Connect silos of the excellent Healthy Behavior Change work that is currently underway.
  • Curate important content to help people begin an exploration of areas that may be unfamiliar to them.

The guide is meant to be used topically and as a whole. Begin exploring in any of the following sections:


The College  is grateful for the leadership, development, and writing of this e-guide. Our authors and editors include Dale Jarvis, Dale Jarvis and Associates; Allen S. Daniels, EdD., InfoMC, Westat, and independent consultant; Gina Lasky, PhD, Health Management Associates; John Freeman, Dale Jarvis and Associates; and Alaina Dall, AGD Consulting.

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