NYAPRS E-News Readers! We Need Your Help to Bring Hope, Healing & Community to Emerging Recovery Champions! (2)



Please Support the Next Generation of Recovery Leaders to Find Their Hope, Inspiration, Voice and Community!


Dear NYAPRS E-News Readers,


Over 20,000 of you have come to count on the NYAPRS E-News each day to give you breaking news on mental health policy and programmatic issues

and to share newly released source materials and timely webinar and grant availability.

We take this responsibility very seriously, getting up very early so you can start your day with this information, sharing updates with you

throughout the day.


Our service has always been completely free�it�s been far too important to us to make sure we are supporting an informed community that is a force for change, change that will advance, enrich and bring dignity to the lives of millions around the world. But now we need your help! Not for ourselves but to help the people we all support to have the life changing experience that is the NYAPRS Annual Conference!


For over 3 decades, the NYAPRS Annual Conference has given thousands the unforgettable opportunity to find the hope, inspiration and support to

create a new vision for what is possible within their lives....and the information to carry that forward.


Along the way, it has become one of the most acclaimed and admired events in the nation, well known for its unparalleled spirit and celebration

of recovery, rehabilitation, rights, fellowship and a full life in the community for all.


Where else can you learn so much from over 100 of the most gifted presenters in the state and nation, get a shiatsu treatment, attend a support

group, network at our spirited Cultural Diversity Bash and eat and dance to your hearts content at our famous outdoor BBQ, all set in a retreat-like setting within the lovely Catskill Mountains?


But each year, it's gotten harder and harder for us to extend this life-changing experience to the next group of emerging recovery champions and

leaders, and we find ourselves no longer able to subsidize the scholarships as we have for decades.  


Your tax deductible donation of $399 will cover the full cost of registration, lodging, all programs, sessions, entertainment and meals. Of course, we greatly appreciate whatever amount you can give to help bring hope and healing to those who could never attend otherwise. Please read the heartfelt testimonials below from consumers, providers and national leaders, and see conferences photos at http://www.nyaprs.org/galleries/index.cfm?id=72157662078540672.


Phyllis Fisher, New York City


The NYAPRS Conference has meant everything towards my recovery. I finally feel like I am a part of a community and know that I can live a fulfilling and active life.

I owe all of this to being given the opportunity to attend the Annual Conference thanks to the scholarship. 




Tressa Rossi, Johnstown



This is the first conference that I have ever been to that is largely represented by individuals who proudly state that they have "lived experience". I saw each and

every person see their own specific recovery in their own eyes.  The NYAPRS Annual Conference normalizes, allowing all to come together to learn, collaborate, communicate, socialize, support and to most of all have fun with one another.  

Michael Stoltz, Ronkonkoma



Time and again, I've seen how transformative this Conference is and how it jumpstarts the recovery of so many of our members. They come back looking like new people...with

so much more energy and resolve to take hold of their recoveries and their lives.




Arthur Evans, Philadelphia



The NYAPRS Annual Conference is one of the most extraordinary events in the nation. I'm always struck by how many of the workshop presenters typically keynote at other

such events. The heart of the experience comes from the hundreds of consumers who are clearly so grateful for the spirit that celebrates hope and recovery.


Please click HERE to submit donations to our PayPal, entering "Consumer Scholarship Donation" in the notes/memo field.

Or,mail your check made payable to NYAPRS to:

NYAPRS Conference Planning Team

194 Washington Ave Albany, NY 12210.


Contact Casey Ciceron at caseyc@nyaprs.org with any questions






For more information about this event or to join NYAPRS visit us online at www.nyaprs.org, or call our office at 518.436.0008!