NYAPRS PROS Clearinghouse's Provider of the Month: Gateway Community Industries

NYAPRS Note: NYAPRS has been providing individualized support to PROS Medicaid licensed rehabilitation programssince their inception. Here's the latest example of what those providers receive, as part of the PROS Clearinghouse webpage we are highlighting an innovative PROS programs each month. Special thanks to our Collective Director of Training and Development Ruth Colon-Wagner.
NYAPRS has also long supported the creation and development of state aid funded community rehabilitation and peer support services, which are now eligible to received Medicaid funding as a Home and Community based service.

In collaboration with the Office of Mental Health, the Center for Practice Innovations and the Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, we are bringing PROS and HCBS providers together on November 17-18 to look at how the values of recovery and rehab bring great value in the VBP pay for performance environment.

See the conference program athttp://www.nyaprs.org/documents/16RegistrationBrochure_PROS.pdf and register athttps://rms.nyaprs.org/7th-annual-pros-implementation-academy-hotel-registration-info/.



November 2016

Gateway Community Industries
Lindsay Morrison, LCSWR, Clinical Director

Culture of Holistic Health

Five years ago when I interviewed for the job as RN for Gateway PROS, I was impressed with and attracted to the evidence of a holistic philosophy embedded in the Gateway PROS program which was in its infancy at the time. The recognition that recovery and rehabilitation involves the body, mind and spirit and planning services that address individuals’ wellness as a whole has continued to be an important part of the culture at this program. I was asked to share some of the classes that I as the PROS RN teach and other ways this culture is supported as we provide services to our students in recovery from serious mental illness.

When students are oriented to the program and begin to consider which PROS services best meet their needs and hopes for wellness, this holistic message is clearly communicated to students. Students are encouraged to discuss their physical health needs and concerns.

They are encouraged to make connections with their primary care providers. If they are not currently enrolled with a primary care provider, they will be offered assistance with setting up an appointment with a PCP. Use of tobacco is assessed and students are advised about benefits of quitting and health risks of smoking. We are currently instituting a monthly “ask and advise” protocol concerning tobacco use which is incorporated into the monthly summary. Healthy lifestyle changes are addressed as powerful sources of strength and improved self-esteem and are integrated into all Wellness Self- Management classes whether the focus is coping with depression, anxiety, understanding emotions, managing grief and loss or managing trauma. WSM classes provide information that help students understand the mind-body connection so they can begin to utilize a variety of skills that assist them to reduce stress and manage anxiety effectively. Because integration of physical and mental health is systemic in our curriculum,students learn that finding balance and caring for their whole selves is the way to recovery.

This program also provides some specific classes that provide support and information about physical wellness such as learning about nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness practices. Students who smoke may join the ongoing class “Tobacco and You” which is held every week to explore their thoughts about quitting and learn something about tobacco dependence in a non- judgmental and encouraging environment. They will learn how people plan to quit and techniques that increase success in quitting even before they are in the “contemplative stage” about quitting. Because so many of our students are dealing with Diabetes, a chronic disease requiring a high level of management, we provide an ongoing weekly class for students with Diabetes. This class combines information to help students understand the principles of Diabetes management and offers emotional support and understanding of the demands of Diabetes management.

I have included lesson plans and resources we have been using for a few of these classes and hope they are useful for others who are working on PROS curriculum.

Sally Anderson, RN

Gateway has provided the following curricula they use to guide their work:
Healthy Eating – BLS
Tobacco and You (Smoking Cessation) – IDDT
Living Healthy – WSM
Gateway PROS: Diabetes Education & Support?