NYS Agencies: Please Complete Employment First Surveys to Help Gage our Progress

NYAPRS Update: NYAPRS is dedicated to advancing the development and implementation efforts of Governor Cuomo’s Employment First Initiative. Accordingly, we are asking agencies to complete the survey (see below) to help us gauge your organization’s understanding of the Employment First efforts. It is important that your voice be heard! Please take the time to complete the very short survey. Thank you.

Employment First Surveys to Help State Gauge Employment First Efforts

New York State is interested to learn from service providers what they know and don't know about Employment First. NYSRA has been asked to send this brief survey to all of you. It is the first of a series and this one should be completed by the Executive Director. With the information collected through the surveys the State seeks to develop tools that will assist us all to understand and embrace an Employment First Culture in our State. Please consider having your agency be part of this project.

Click here - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/EmploymentFirstSurvey1 to access the survey - Thank you.

Any Questions - please feel free to contact Len Statham lens@nyaprs.org or Pat Dowse pat@nyrehab.org