OMH, OASAS and DOH release GUIDANCE on HH referral and enrollment

NYAPRS Note: Attached is a “guidance” from the NYS OMH, OASAS and DOH to assist providers in better understanding and to facilitate the process of Health Home referral and enrollment. More training will be available later on to help providers understand and navigate the connections between health Homes, HARPS and HCBS.


We are excited to release the Community Referral for Health Homes guidance for providers. This guidance lets providers know how to find out if the individual they are serving is connected to a Health Home already, needs a referral to HH and how to make that referral. We will also be doing Statewide training to help providers understand the connections between HH, HARP and HCBS. This guidance is a part of that training. This is an OMH, OASAS, and DOH collaboration.

If there are issues with accessing a Health Home, including effectuating enrollment, determining assignment status, or connection to a care manager and the MCO was not able to assist, please contact the Department of Health (DOH) provider hotline: 518-473-5569.


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