RTC Presentations on Youth Employment, Education Now Available

Now Available Online: RTC Presentations from 2016 Tampa Conference!

May 19, 2016

Transitions RTC Updates

Transitions RTC Presentations:

Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health Conference, March 13-16, 2016 in Tampa, Florida


Through research, training, and dissemination activities, the Transitions RTC aims to improve the supports for youth and young adults, ages 14-30,with serious mental health conditions who are trying to successfully complete their schooling or training and move into rewarding work lives.


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Supporting the Higher Education Goals of Young Adults with Mental Illness: State of the Practice

March 14, 2016

Heather Ringeisen, Marsha Langer Ellison, Kathleen Biebel, & Shums Alikhan

Employment for Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions: The Employer Perspective

March 14, 2016

Lisa Smith, Charles Lidz, & Walter Cunningham

Young Adult Voice in the Now is the Time- Healthy Transitions (NITT-HT) Initiative

March 16, 2016

Amanda Costa & Emily Lichvar

Specifying the Maryland Model of Service for Transition-age Youth & Young Adults

March 16, 2016

Mason Haber , Maryann Davis, & Steven Reeder

NITT-Healthy Transitions Evaluation Overview

March 16, 2016

Mason Haber, Ariana Napier, Amy Ryder-Burge, Heather Ringeisen, & Emily Lichvar

Collecting Histories of Education and Employment Activities from Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions

(Poster Presentation)

March, 14, 2016

Kathryn Sabella, Peter Bui, Laura Golden, & Kathleen Biebel



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