SAMHSA: Don't Miss Fall Cultural Activation Web Training Series




October 5, 2016


SAMHSA's Program to Achieve Wellness Announces a

Fall Virtual Training Series

Using Cultural Activation to Gain Awareness, Sustain Confidence, and

Improve Wellness Outcomes


Coined by Lenora Reid-Rose and Nathan Kline Institute Center of Excellence in Culturally Competent Mental Health colleagues, Cultural Activation is the process of amplifying the voices of consumers receiving care. By strengthening the voice of consumers, Cultural Activation helps to increase confidence in providing cultural information to caregivers and providers. Using cultural information, Cultural Activation supports and enhances the development of culturally-relevant and effective wellness and recovery plans. Cultural information includes:

  • Cultural affiliations
  • Mental and/or substance use challenges
  • Attitudes, views, and perspectives on health care and the health care system

By being aware of these sensitizing concepts, caregivers and providers can better communicate with the people they are serving, offering them relevant and meaningful support that can help promote wellness across the Eight Dimensions of Wellness.

Join our fall training series and learn more about the stages of Cultural Activation!  

This virtual training is a must for providers of behavioral health, primary care, or homelessness services. Peer supporters and individuals with lived experience will also benefit from the innovative strategies presented over the course of five weeks, beginning on Monday, October 24.

Goals of the Training


By participating in this free virtual training series:

  • Participants will develop an understanding of Cultural Activation and its efficacy in behavioral healthcare and in achieving wellness
  • Consumers will become empowered to reflect on one's own cultural views and to articulate these views internally and to service providers to be a voice in the plans for your own health and wellness
  • Providers will become aware and knowledgeable of the role of cultural identity, and incorporate the inclusion of communication about cultural information in practice improving health and wellness outcomes
  • Participants will have access to exclusive videos emphasizing the benefit of Cultural Activation from both provider, consumer, and community perspectives!  

Training Schedule

Monday, October 24 | 2pm - 3pm ET
Cultural Activation Prompts: Gaining Awareness, Part I

Monday, October 31 | 2pm - 3pm ET 
Cultural Activation Prompts: Gaining Awareness, Part II

  • Learning the Stages of Activation and the foundations behind Cultural Activation Prompts
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Monday, November 7 | 2pm - 3pm ET 
Staying Active: Sustaining Confidence, Part I

  • Understanding how organizational infrastructure can support and sustain Cultural Activation
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Monday, November 14 | 2pm - 3pm ET 
Staying Active: Sustaining Confidence, Part II

  • Learning how to engage clients and sustain improvements in Cultural Activation
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Monday, November 21 | 2pm - 3pm ET 
Cultural Activation Prompts: Making the Connection

  • Understanding the intersection of personal beliefs and attitudes and service delivery
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Please contact SAMHSA's Program to Achieve Wellness at with any questions or concerns related to the Fall Training Series.


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