SAMHSA PAW Initiative Releases Wellness Tip Sheet, Pyramid

NYAPRS Note: Helping people with serious mental health conditions to improve their health and wellness is a national imperative (see the facts below). The following comes from SAMHSA’s Program to Achieve Wellness, an initiative overseen by Policy Research Associates and on whose Steering Committee NYAPRS sits.

Start Transforming Today with the Self-Guided Wellness Pyramid and Eight Dimensions Tip Sheet

Interested in improving your wellness? This tip sheet provides a list of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, as well as sample activities that can be done to improve wellness in each area. In addition, there is some explanation as to why these activities actually matter and proof of their ability to create subtle transformations in your life. Download the Eight Dimensions of Wellness tip sheet at

Ready to improve an area of wellness in your own life? The Wellness Pyramid is a template you can use to design your own wellness improvement plan and start your personal wellness transformations today! Download it at

Here’re some challenging facts at the Program to Achieve Wellness website at