SAMHSA's Shared Decision Making Webinar Series: Aug 16, 23, 30

NYAPRS Note: SAMHSA’s Recovery to Practice initiative, which is operated by Advocates for Human Potential, is hosting a 3 part series on shared decision making, a very timely topic in a time where Medicaid reforms and the ACA are encouraging beneficiaries to know what they want and how to advocate for that.

One of the webinar’s presenters, AHP’s Melody Riefer will be offering a presentation entitled “Moving Recovery To Practice: Integrating Behavioral Health And Primary Care to Promote Wellness” at NYAPRS Annual Conference to be held September 14-16 at the Hudson Valley Resort. Clickhere to register and clickhere to view latest conference schedule

Recovery To Practice- Summer Webinar Series

Shared Decision Making:

What is it and how do we do it?

Shared decision making occurs when people using services and their practitioners make healthcare decisions together, taking into account the best available scientific evidence and the person’s or family’s values, preferences, and personal goals. With increasingly integrated, multidisciplinary healthcare service models, shared decision making can help keep the individual and the family at the center—where they belong. Shared decision making is recovery-oriented practice.

However, while shared decision making sounds simple, practitioners and people using services often find it challenging to truly implement. This webinar series will introduce participants to the practice of shared decision making in behavioral health care and explore practical applications in a range of recovery-oriented practice settings and situations.

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Shared Decision Making:Changing The Conversation

Date:August 16, 2016
Time:1-2 p.m. EDT
Event link:
Presenters:Neil Korsen, MD, MSc, Medical Director, Behavioral Health Integration Program, MaineHealth;Jesse M Higgins,PMH-NP,Director of Behavioral Health Integration, The Acadia Hospital, EMMC Family Medicine

This webinar will provide an overview of shared decision making as a concrete example of recovery-oriented behavioral health practice. The presenters will demonstrate how adopting shared decision making in an integrated care practice serving individuals with opioid use issues, anxiety, and depression, contributes to improved communication and more collaborative care. Participants will learn how shifting from giving information to collaborative dialogue impacts relationships and outcomes for all involved.


Shared Decision Making: A Process Not A Program

Date:August 23, 2016
Time:1-2 p.m. EDT
Event link:
Presenters:Jacqueline Pettis, R.N., M.S.N., Advisor and Trainer for the Psychiatry Recovery to Practice Project; Melody Riefer, M.S.W., Senior Program Manager, AHP

This webinar will explore expanded perspectives on what the shared decision making process encompasses and provide examples of how it can be adopted by a variety of practitioners in diverse practice situations. The presenters will show how to look for and create opportunities for engaging in shared decision making in everyday practice. They will provide strategies and personal examples of helping practitioners embrace the process, even in the absence of a structured shared decision making “program.”


SDM Dialogues: Engaging Individuals and Families in Decision Making

Date:August 30, 2016
Time:1-2 p.m. EDT
Event link:
Presenters:Iruma Bellow, Ph.D., Clinical Training Director, On Track New York, Center for Practice Innovations; Melody Riefer, M.S.W., Senior Program Manager, AHP

This webinar will draw from examples at two different service settings—a peer-run recovery center and a program that serves young adults experiencing psychosis—and to illustrate ways to help individuals and families make the most of healthcare conversations.The presenters will highlight how they follow use the framework of shared decision making to guide services delivery and engage people using their services to become active in all aspects of their healthcare.

Webinar Information

We recommend you participate via your computer. The audio portion will be broadcast through computer speakers. If you do not have computer speakers available, please will provide a toll free telephone number for audio conference.

Recovery To Practice webinars are recorded and archived. Bookmark SAMHSA'sRecovery to Practice Technical Assistance & Webinars page, and check back frequently for updates. We'll post the recordings and the webinar materials as soon as they are ready.

All events will be closed captioned and recorded for future access.

1.0 NAADAC CEH will be available for each event. For attendees who do not wish to take the NAADAC CEH quiz, certificates of participation will available.