Stay Tuned for Cuomo Budget Proposal Details

NYAPRS Note: Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address takes place at 12:30 PM today, followed by the highly anticipated release of his 2016 budget proposal. NYAPRS stands ready to review it and offer our “First Look” analysis later today. Stay tuned! Here’s some of what we’re advocating for:



• Shore up Community Housing to address the crisis caused by steadily rising supported and congregate housing costs that are now almost 50% higher than current funding levels.

  • Request: Add $92.9 million to the Executive Budget


• Expand Housing for the Homeless by creating 20,000 additional units of NY/NY IV supportive housing statewide – to add to Mayor de Blasio’s 15,000 – that prioritizes housing for persons with disabilities and those experiencing chronic homelessness.



• Annualize and Expand Funding for Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) in localities by $1 million. CIT improves the criminal justice and mental health system response to crises.


• Establish Presumptive Medicaid Eligibility for all individuals discharged from jails and prisons up to 30 days prior to their release to enable immediate access to needed services and supports.


• “Raise the Age” of Youthful Offender Status to 18 so children are not treated like adults in the criminal justice system.



• Add Funding to the Non-Profit Sector to Help Pay for an Expected $15 per hour Minimum Wage Hike


• Approve a 2% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Across the Whole Workforce



• Reinvest Savings from OMH State Hospital Downsizing into Expanded Community Mental Health Services


• Expand Medicaid Managed Care Transition Dollars for Community-Based Mental Health Agencies



• Expand the Medicaid Managed Care Ombuds Program to support the choices of consumers in the transition of their behavioral health services to specialty Medicaid managed care plans and value based payment initiatives.