Join Wednesday Rally to Urge NYC Mayor/NYPD to Improve Response to Those in Crisis

NYAPRS Note: The following comes from Community Access' Carla Rabinowitz who helps to represent NYAPRS as a member of the Communities for Crisis Intervention Teams in NYC (CCIT).

Mental Health Community Rally:

What: Join as we call on the Mayor and NYPD
to better address mental health crisis in the community

When: Wednesday, October 18, 2017, Noon

Where: Manhattan Steps of City Hall

Advocates and individuals with mental health concerns request:

* New non-police alternatives to responding to crisis calls

* Reforms to NYPD process for responding to individuals experiencing distress

* Reinstatement of Mayoral Task Force related to intersection of mental health and criminal justice

Hear from those impacted by police shootings, including family members
and NYC residents with mental health concerns.

Contact Carla Rabinowitz, 212-780-1400 x7726
crabinowitz at