Alert! Give Today to Protect the Historic Work of the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

People with Psychiatric Disabilities,

As a very proud board member of the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, I’d like to urge you to support their historic efforts on behalf of our national mental health community!
We are currently faced with the most pressing challenges in our lifetimes, with attacks on what we hold most dear coming at us almost every day. 
We are not only besieged with endless efforts to undo the advances of the last decade, we are now faced with protecting advances that go back to President Johnson’s Great Society and President Roosevelt’s New Deal!
The Bazelon Center has been at the center of social, service, legal and rights reforms for decades and we can’t let them falter now! Like many of us, the Center is facing very challenging times and we need to support their extraordinary team, mission and record of achievement. 
So…please read the message below and give today.
Thank you!


A year ago, we could not even have imagined what the year would bring. For people concerned with mental health issues, disaster has felt like a real possibility – and, due to the ongoing attack on health care, entitlements and rights and protections, it still does.

For those of us who make charitable contributions at the end of the year, this year we really have to make them count.

I want you to know that the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law has been on the front lines, standing between us and disaster, and can only continue to do so with your help.

We must ensure that the Center is able to address the key issues of our day.

We need the Bazelon Center’s continued leadership to protect access to healthcare, be it Medicaid without onerous work requirements or Medicare. The assault is not going to stop any time soon.

We must support the Center’s historic commitment and success to advancing the rights of people with psychiatric disabilities to live in the most integrated community settings.

We have to ensure that the Bazelon Center can continue to keep fighting and winning the case for high educational standards for children with behavioral or developmental disabilities.

Civil Rights
Bazelon has been protecting and advancing the civil rights of people with mental disabilities for 45 years.

Criminal Justice
Prisons and jails are not the place for people with serious mental illnesses: Bazelon is helping communities to take on these injustices head on.

Bazelon’s message is: We want to ensure that people with psychiatric disabilities get full opportunities to move beyond dead end programs and to have the dignity and opportunity to work.

The Bazelon Center cares about what you care about. Give generously and the Center will turn the caring into real justice and change.