Is the Clock Running Out On GOP's Reconciliation Play on Healthcare Reform Bill?

Is Clock Running Out On GOP's Reconciliation Play? — The Senate parliamentarian is wrestling with how much longer Senate Republicans have to try to repeal Obamacare with only 50 votes, POLITICO's Jennifer Haberkorn scoops this morning.

As President Donald Trump and conservatives are pushing the Senate to take another stab at repeal after the August recess, the parliamentarian is considering whether the 2017 budget - which set up the rules for the expedited process of passing legislation with a simple majority - can apply after the 2017 fiscal year ends on Sept. 30, according to Democratic sources. There is no precedent for using a budget reconciliation bill after the fiscal year ends.

The arguments: Republicans argue the instructions are valid until the bill passes or a new budget is approved. Democrats argue that you can't pass a 2017 budget bill after the 2017 fiscal year is over.

Both parties acknowledge Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough will make the final call. She hasn't yet made a decision or issued guidance to staff, according to sources familiar with the matter.