TODAY: Tell New Federal MH Group What Works Most to Advance Recovery in the Community!

August 24, 2017

As you may know, recent federal legislation created a new “Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee” whose mission is to produce recommendations on “advances related to the prevention of and treatment and recovery of serious mental illnesses and emotional disturbances, and advances in access to services and support for adults with SMI or children with SED.”

In advance of the committee’s first meeting next week, they are looking for input from community stakeholders, including recovering people, family members, service providers and advocacy groups.

PLEASE SEND IN YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS (however brief) about how services can be improved. Tell them what has worked and what has not in your situation. Give specific examples of how improved services would have led to better outcomes for you or your loved ones.

Suggested items to mention include what’s been working to help individuals and families who are dealing with the most extensive and ongoing conditions and crises that needs to be expanded, including

· voluntary community outreach, engagement, relapse prevention and crisis support approaches, including those advanced by peer providers, ACT teams, mobile crisis and rehab teams (a one paragraph description of those you are delivering or receiving would be great).
· Criminal justice diversion (police crisis intervention teams/training, mental health/drug courts), in prison rehabilitation (vs solitary confinement) and jail/prison re-entry approaches.
· Alternatives to avoidable hospitalizations and successful strategies to help individuals at risk for hospitalization to manage their recovery and lives within the community.

    Please send your comments to by 5pm today August 24, 2017.