Exciting New Tool for Recovery Practice from Boston University

NYAPRS Note: The following comes to us from our own Edye Schwartz, who writes “See below for an exciting new resource from our friends at Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Always at the cutting edge of developing tools to improve and enhance recovery oriented service and practice, BU has just made available this incredible toolkit which includes a self-assessment tool, an online course and strategies and resources for providers, supervisors, program managers and administrators designed to enhance both your organization and your workforce’s ability to deliver recovery oriented practice. Recovery oriented systems of care are best achieved when the vision and values and practice of recovery are firmly embedded within all levels of the organization. Technical assistance is also available for implementing the toolkit. For information see below.”

Recovery Promoting Competencies for Mental Health and Rehabilitation Toolkit
The Boston University. Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation’s Recovery Promoting Competency Toolkit [1]is an online resource in English and in Spanish, based on decades of experience, stakeholder input and field testing, to help providers and organizations develop and strengthen their recovery orientated practice.

This Toolkit includes three major components: a self-assessment tool, an online course and strategies and additional resources for providers, supervisors, program managers and administrators. These components are designed to enhance your organization and workforce’s ability to deliver recovery oriented practice.

  • The Self-Assessment includes a Questionnaire and a Scoring Guide to identify how recovery promoting you perceive yourself to be as a practitioner.
  • The Online Course includes 5 self-paced Modules in pre-recorded video sessions that you can view on your own schedule. They provide key information and exercises about the concepts of recovery followed by the skills of Partnering, Facilitating Choice, Inspiring and Teaching that together help providers create a recovery promoting relationship. Each Module is divided into sessions of between 10-40 minutes each, for a total of 14 hours. CEU information is provided for each Module as well as for the entire Course.
  • Strategies and Resources include tips and descriptions of simple activities that can be used in agencies in order to promote client recovery by providers ,and organizational changes that program managers, and administrator can take to enhance their recovery orientation. Additionally, links are provided to other web based sites and resources to support your efforts.

The Toolkit can be helpful to providers new to the concepts of recovery oriented practice, as well as those who have an idea about such services, but are wondering how to put the ideas into concrete practice.

To purchase the Toolkit as an individual, follow this link: https://cpr.bu.edu/develop/toolkit

We believe that recovery is best promoted when an organization embeds it at not only as a set of provider skills but also within the infrastructure of the agency.

An Organizational License allows you unlimited use of the online course and resources for three years to provide access to as many providers and administrative staff as need it within the organization. You may purchase the Organizational License following the link https://cpr.bu.edu/develop/toolkit.

Follow-up training and technical If you have any questions, please email psyrehab@bu.edu assistance services are available from the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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[1] Recovery Promoting Competency for Mental Health/Rehabilitation Toolkit (2016) M. Farkas, D. Hutchinson, R. Forbess, M. Restrepo Toro & Z. Russinova