GOP Reps Pushing for NYS, NYC to Bear Burden of AHCA, Not Upstate Counties; $2.3b cost to NYS Taxpayers

NYS GOP Reps Pushing for the State, NYC to Bear Burden of AHCA, Not Upstate Counties
March 20, 2017

Politico’s Jennifer Haberkorn reported this afternoon that Rep. Chris Collins and other New York Republicans are trying to convince Speaker Paul Ryan to include an amendment in the House GOP’s American Health Care Act that would transfer more Medicaid spending from counties to the state, by blocking New York from obtaining federal reimbursements for payments made by counties.

Collins is arguing that the burden is greater on counties in New York than in other states and has written the provision so that it only applies to New York and would exclude the five boroughs of New York City.

By putting the whole burden on the state, Collins’ proposal is estimated to cost NYS $2.3 billion.

He believes that this measure will likely make it in to the House GOP proposal and Rep. Claudia Tenney has indicted that her vote depends on this getting in.