Group Launches Insitute to Promote Transformative Learning of Non-Traditional Mental Health Approaches

Transformative Learning of Non-Traditional Mental Health Approaches
IDHA: A new training institute in New York City

When people are looking to advance their knowledge in mental health approaches outside of the beaten bath, where can they turn? Where are the opportunities to learn from seasoned practitioners and experts by experience beyond the formal academic sphere?

Individuals who have experienced trauma, extreme states, spiritual and emotional crises, and oppression both within and out of the mental health system, their family members, and seasoned mental health professionals have joined together in New York City to build a learning community that advances holistic, democratic, and transformative mental health practices.

The Institute for Development of Human Arts wants to make this body of knowledge, which is often given little attention in conventional trainings, available to a wide range of mental health workers, clinicians, psychiatrists, current and prior users of mental health services, and other interested folks in the community at large.

While there are many international conferences and on-line resources, this will be the first effort to create a live learning community in a geographic area that encompasses one of the largest mental health systems in the world. Returning from gatherings with like-minded individuals, many of us have often faced the lack of such a community at home. We are also aiming to make this work accessible to individuals who may not see themselves as primarily critical of the traditional system, but who might have noticed that recovery is often an empty promise and that outcomes and personal satisfaction with services are often well below what is expected.

The advent of peer workers in the mental health field has been a boon to many, but other professionals rarely have the chance to learn in depth from such vantage points. Our goal is to create opportunities for critical dialogue, mutual support, and advanced education and training for those in the field.

You are invited to the launch of IDHA (Institute for the Development of Human Arts) - a new training initiative that will focus on community-based, recovery-oriented and peer-driven alternatives.

Please join us for our launch event, packed full of introductory discussions by faculty, entertainment, massage, reiki, food, music, and more! We hope to see you there!

Making New Meaning: A School for Innovative Voices and Transformative Visions

  • Saturday, June 10, 2017
  • 12:00pm 6:00pm

Attendees will also be eligible for a discounted registration rate for our fall course: Crisis Response: An Introduction to Transformative Mental Health Care

East Village Access

242 East 2nd st.

New York, NY


*Plenary Sessions, live music, theater, poetry, dance, and more!*

*Donation based Acupuncture, Massage, and Reiki*

*Drinks by Montauk Juice Factory*