New Webinar Video Looks at Medicaid Waivers & Consumer Engagement

Some fascinating findings from this presentation:

  • Vulnerable patients are three times more likely to feel disrespected; Disrespected patients are twice as likely to not follow their treatment regimen
  • Spanish speakers reported the biggest barriers were related to understanding insurance, communicating with doctors and understanding billing; Due to fear of prejudice, they are often reluctant to request Spanish resources even when available
  • All income groups reported going to Google as their starting source to answer health and healthcare questions; however, lower-income patients often don’t know the precise search terms used to find relevant information
  • Consumers that are younger, lower-income or racial minorities use mobile phones for 90-95% of their internet use

National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation

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Engaging Medicaid Patients & the Impact of Medicaid Waivers


Parie Garg, PhD

Oliver Wyman

Merrill Friedman

Anthem, Inc.

Renya Spak

Mercer Health and Benefits

MaryBeth Musumeci

Kaiser Family Foundation

Joan Alker

Georgetown University Center for Children and Families

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Engaging Medicaid Patients Webinar


Sharing insights from Indiana and Michigan on the consumer impact of Medicaid waivers, this webinar explored strategies for engaging Medicaid consumers in times of change. With both House Republicans and the nominee for CMS administrator, Seema Verma, signaling interest in more state-driven reforms, changes to the Medicaid program seem increasingly likely—and successful consumer engagement increasingly important.

1225 19th St. NW, Suite 710, Washington, DC 20036

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