NYAPRS' First Look at Legislature's Mental Health Budget Proposals

NYAPRS Note: Here’s a quick first look at the Senate and Assembly budget bills that were released yesterday. Several highlights: While we much appreciate the Assembly’s proposed $9.8 million COLA for OMH programs (part of an across the board COLA package for human service agencies), we continue to seek the $50.5 million that NYAPRS and several colleague groups sought for our very hard-pressed mental health workforce.
And we’re extremely disappointed by the lack of funds to address intolerable levels of turnover in our housing programs. Look for very strong efforts by our coalitions on these issues over the next few days.

We’re pleased that the Assembly proposes a much bigger share (from $30 to a minimum of $125 million) of the Healthcare Facility Transformation Program (see details below) for a group that includes mental health clinics. We are working in support of MHANYS’ efforts to get HCBS included.

And we are very pleased with both houses’ support for Crisis Intervention Teams and other diversion related initiatives with the Senate offering its highest allocation yet at $750,000 and the Assembly adding yet another $1 million. Stay tuned for more details…

NYAPRS’ First Look at Legislature's Mental Health Budget Proposals
March 14, 2017


  • The Senate proposed to fund wage increases for providers serving those with developmental disabilities by $11.25 in the current budget and by a total of $45 million in 2017-18 increase salaries for those workers who make above the rising minimum wage levels
  • The Assembly proposes a $9,853,000 cost of living adjustment for the OMH funded workforce

Healthcare Facility Transformation Program

  • The Assembly provides a minimum of $125 million in funding (up from $30 million last year) for health, mental health and substance abuse clinic and home and primary care providers to be used for “renovating or replacing inefficient or outdated facilities as part of a merger, consolidation, acquisition or other significant corporate restructuring activity that is part of an overall transformation plan intended to create a financially sustainable system of care” that favors integration of health care services and an alignment with the goals of DSRIP
  • Senate: proposes $30 million for the above group

Co-location of Western NY Children and Adult state hospital services

  • Both house reject the state’s proposal

Crisis Intervention Teams

  • The Senate proposes $750,000 for CIT training and development in jurisdictions across the state (up from $500,000 last year)
  • The Assembly proposes $1 million for CIT and Hospital Diversion programs (this is in addition to $2 million that has been proposed previously)

Extension of APG Government Rates for Clinics, PROS and other Licensed Medicaid Mental Health Services

  • Senate: Extended to March 2020 without requirements that providers attain Value Based Payment targets;
  • Assembly: Extended to March 2021 with VBP requirements moved from April 2017 to April 2018