Only 1 Month Till NYAPRS Seminar: Room Block Ends This Week!

NYAPRS Note: As we join leading national Medicaid advocates like Families USA’s Ron Pollack in celebrating the defeat of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the action now shifts to the changes that HHS Secretary Tom Price will try to implement that may harm healthcare access to people with disabilities, seniors and low income individuals.
Ron Pollack will kick off this year’s NYAPRS’ Annual Executive Seminar to be held April 27-8 at the Albany Hilton, entitled “All Hands on Deck! Ensuring a Recovery Focus in the Changing Healthcare Environment.” He will share his assessment as to where things are heading and what we can do at the federal level….and will then join an expert panel that will look at how things might play out in New York that will include Chuck Ingoglia, Bruce Feig and Jim Lytle

Don’t get shut out of the Albany Hilton: reserve your room and register for the Seminar today!