Tell Gov Cuomo NOW to Keep His Promise to Adult Home Residents to Live in the Community!

Today, NY’s disability advocacy community is calling Governor Cuomo at 1pm to press him to keep his policy promises to New Yorkers with disabilities. Among the aggrieved are New Yorkers with psychiatric disabilities who were dumped into adult home institutional settings in spite of their ADA right to live in the community.

Please join them today in calling the Governor!
If lines are busy, keep calling….we want our shared message to be heard!

Speak out for the Rights of Adult Home Residents

with Psychiatric Disabilities!


March 7, 2017

  • Despite 3 decades of grassroots advocacy, media coverage and legal settlements, adult home residents with psychiatric disabilities still remain in the homes, deprived of their ADA rights to live in the community.
  • Governor Cuomo promised the residents and a federal judge that several thousand residents would live in the community by now, but only 10% do today.

Call Governor Cuomo at


and leave the following message:

“I’m a registered voter from (your locality) calling to urge Governor Cuomo to Honor Your Agreement to Support Adult Home Residents’ Rights to Live in the Community!