URGENT Advocacy Needed to Oppose the American Health Care Act!

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From: Michael Petruzzelli <MichaelP@thenationalcouncil.org>

Date: 4/27/17 3:02 PM (GMT-05:00)

To: Michael Petruzzelli <MichaelP@thenationalcouncil.org>

Cc: Rebecca Farley <rebeccaf@thenationalcouncil.org>, Dennis Alexander <DennisA@thenationalcouncil.org>

Subject: Association Execs: URGENT advocacy needed to oppose the American Health Care Act

Congress is working hard and moving fast right now to secure votes for the amended American Health Care Act.

This bill – if passed – would decimate the Medicaid program, allow states to roll back the essential health benefits like mental health and substance use, and allow insurers to charge higher premiums for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Reports indicate that there are legislators in our state who are still undecided on whether or not they will support the amended bill.

They need to hear from us TODAY and know that we oppose any proposal that cuts Medicaid and restricts access to mental health and addiction treatment.

The National Council for Behavioral Health is calling on all advocates to join them in a nationwide call-in campaign this week. See their action alert below with instructions on how to call your legislators and what to say.

Thank you to those who have advocated recently – your efforts are making a difference!

Please keep up the good work, keep calling and keep writing to protect care and treatment for millions in our state.

Best all,