Alert: Urge Gov Cuomo, State Leaders to Address NY's Mental Health Housing Crisis!


A C T I O N   A L E R T

Stable housing is essential to mental health recovery. While New York has created almost 40,000 housing units, it has not provided sufficient funds to keep pace with the costs of operating that housing, leading to a full scale housing crisis!

As an ardent member of the "Bring it Home, Better Funding for Better Care" campaign, NYAPRS has been asking state leaders since the beginning of October, 2017 for increased financial support to help maintain New York's essential community-based mental health housing system. 

Yet, in his Executive Budget Proposal, Governor Cuomo adds a mere $10M for increases to supported housing and SRO programs.  THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.  We now have to urge state legislators to give housing providers the funding levels they require before that system is no longer viable and access to basic housing and supports for New Yorkers with major mental health conditions are at serious risk!

You may or may not have participated in previous "calls to action," but we really need your help with this one. Through this link, you will be able to send a pre-written message to Governor Cuomo, legislative leaders, and your personal representatives- urging them to take action on this important issue THIS budget cycle (FY19). 

The process is simple-- you click the link, enter your address, name, and contact information, then click send.  Once you submit your emails, you can also send a pre-written tweet to every leader and legislator you are targeting (that use Twitter).  It will display on the thank you page.  This step is also very important, so make sure you send those tweets!


Bring it Home is a coalition of community-based supportive housing providers, mental health advocates, faith leaders, and consumers and their families, urging New York State to adequately fund these community-based housing programs for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Full recovery and community reintegration depends on stable housing opportunities. Through education and advocacy, Bring it Home is working to bring better funding for better care to New York. Visit the campaign website at and follow us on Twitter: @Bringithomenys and Facebook: