NY Finalizes Sexual Harassment Prevention Guidance for Workers, Employers

New York Finalizes Sexual Harassment Prevention Guidance For Workers, Employers
By Anna Gronewold   Politico  October 1, 2018

New York now has official guidance for sexual harassment prevention laws state lawmakers agreed upon earlier this year, largely thanks to the #MeToo movement.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the finalized materials today with the conclusion of a public comment period that began in August. The laws, which were part of the 2018 budget, address mandatory arbitration provisions in relation to sexual harassment, establish minimum standards for sexual harassment training and limit the use of non-disclosure agreements, among other things.

"While the federal government repeatedly ignores the voices of women speaking out against the scourge of sexual violence, in New York we are taking action," Cuomo said. "We are doing everything in our power to crack down on sexual harassment and ensure inappropriate workplace conduct is addressed swiftly and appropriately."

The steps the governor and Legislature have taken to combat sexual harassment in the state, and specifically in Albany, have been criticized by some advocates as inadequate. Victims and political candidates have continued calling for increased scrutiny and public hearings to revise the new policies, this time to include input from stakeholders that was largely absent in their creation.

The state's materials include information for employers and workers, support services for victims and model training plans.

See the full guidance here.