Maximizing Connections w Employers Featured at Next Week's NYAPRS' 2018 Recovery and Rehab Academy in Saratoga: Register Today!

NYAPRS Note: NYAPRS Note: The economy is thriving. It’s an employee’s market and people who come to our services want to work! Now’s the time to get out and engage businesses because we know they are looking to hire.  But, do you have the tools to really engage business?  Are you confident in connecting with employers? Connecting with businesses can be difficult but it’s  essential to finding employment for those individuals with which we work.  Join us at this year’s  Academy, “Outreach to Engagement to Activation: The Value of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, and let’s learn how to reach businesses in a new and effective way and get people working. Let’s connect with employers and make sure we are all benefitting from these relationships! Get the latest from experts ACCESS: Supports for Living’s Jennifer Edwards, NYSPI’s Paul Margolies, Tom Jewell and Ray Gregory and NYAPRS’ Len Statham. Join us in Saratoga November 15 and 16 at the beautiful and historic Gideon Putnam Hotel for 2 days of exploration into excellence in service provision.Rooms are still available and registration is open now:  See more at and register today at