Don't Miss Truth Teller Panel @ NYAPRS Exec Seminar: Only 8 Left to Register

NYAPRS Note: There’re only 8 days left to register and join us for our April 19-20 Annual Executive Seminar’s very timely program and power packed presenter lineup. Following remarks by top state officials,  our “Making It Real: How Do We Achieve Our Goals? Panel will feature truth tellers John Javis, Director of Behavioral Health, Nassau-Queens PPS; Pamela Mattel, Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer, Acacia Network; Kathy Preston, Vice President, Government Programs, The New York Health Plan Association;  Michael Stoltz, CEO, Association for Mental Health and Wellness and Adele Gorges, Executive Director of the New York Care Coordination Program and will be moderated by National Council for Behavioral Health’s 2018 Visionary Leadership Award winner David Woodlock, CEO, Institute for Community Living.

Join this lively conversation as panelists candidly share their own on-the-ground experience and viewpoints about where they see our redesign of our Medicaid system today and looking forward.

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