Free, Two Day Training on Medicaid/SSI/SSDI and Other Entitlements

NYAPRS Note: NYS Office of Mental Health, is offering a two day seminar, on how to quickly get approvals for SSI, SSDI, Medicaid and other entitlement programs.  John B. Allen, Jr., Special Assistant to the Commissioner, NYS OMH will be presenting this two-day seminar which will be available on line through Webex, if you cannot attend in person in Geneva, NY.  This seminar is for people with any type of disability, however, the main focus will be for people with mental health disabilities.

Please be sure to register for BOTH days. 

Day One  Event number: 641 845 220

Day Two Event number: 644 719 662    Event password for both days: nysomh123

OMH Seminar.jpg