NYS Leaders Tap $35 Million More in Mental Hygiene Spending

According to a report this morning from Politico, Governor Cuomo and Legislative leaders have agreed that there’s another $400 million that can be added to this year’s budget. Most noteworthy is a higher than usual $35 million hike for mental hygiene services, which has typically ranged from $7-11 million in the past. This puts mental hygiene just under the usual big spenders, education and health.

While most of the $35 million will likely be earmarked for services to address NY’s opioid epidemic, NYAPRS is hoping that some will go to pay for the housing and workforce hikes we have been pursuing. Stay tuned!

Here are the targets:

  • Mental hygiene, $35 million
  • Education, $70 million
  • General government, $15 million
  • Economic development, $15 million
  • Health, $70 million
  • Transportation, $5 million
  • Higher education, $75 million
  • Human services, $60 million
  • Public protection, $30 million
  • Environment, housing, agriculture, $25 million