Health and Recovery Plans Available Now on the NYS Marketplace

Health and Recovery Plans (HARP) are now available on

The NYS Marketplace!

Individuals eligible to enroll in Health and Recovery Plans (HARPs) will now have the option to select a HARP on New York State’s Official Health Plan Marketplace, New York State of Health (NYSoH), also known as The Exchange.

Automatic HARP enrollment on the NYSoH Online Marketplace:

  • HARP-eligible NYSoH account holders will be automatically moved into the HARP associated with their current Health Plan. Before enrollment, they will receive a notification letter about this move.
    • HARP-eligible individuals wishing to opt out of a HARP will need to opt out within 30 days after receiving their notification letter to avoid being automatically moved.


Choosing to enroll in a HARP on the NYSoH Online Marketplace:

  •  Individuals who are HARP-eligible, but currently enrolled in a Health Plan that does not have an associated HARP, can choose a HARP associated with a different Health Plan by using their NYSoH account.
  • Individuals on a NYSoH account who are not account holders will need to update their consent through a Life Status Change (LSC) action before the HARP option will display.  


All NYSoH account holders must ensure the address on their NYSoH account is correct!!!

As is the general rule on NYSoH, mail returned as undeliverable will result in the individual being made ineligible for all Medicaid programs and any other services on the Exchange.

Interested in a HARP?

Individuals currently enrolled in Medicaid through New York State of Health can
contact NYSoH for assistance at 1-855-355-5777

Individuals currently enrolled in Medicaid through their local Department of Social Services can
contact NY Medicaid Choice for assistance at 1-855-789-4277