The Most Overlooked Social Determinant of Health!

NYAPRS Note: The literature is clear: for far too long, racism has been the most prominently missing social determinant of health and the impact is enormous in terms of healthcare outcomes and costs and, most strikingly, in terms of life and mortality.

Racism kills! “Across the world, indigenous men have a life expectancy that is between 7 to 21 years less than the male average in their respective country.” “5 deaths could be averted just by reducing racial disparities for every life saved by medical advances.”

Racism costs! “Eliminating health disparities for minorities would have reduced direct medical care expenditures by $229.4 billion for the years 2003-2006” in the US.

Racism dominates: “Age, sex, birthplace and education level did not moderate the effects of racism on health.”

NYAPRS and our partners at the McSilver Institute and CCSI have joined forces to create a learning experience unlike any other in our nation, one that makes addressing the impact of racism and examining strategies to overcome it the sole focus of next week’s Albany based special event!

Our event offers the chance to hear one of the nation’s most prominent experts in this area, Dr. Ruth Shim from the University of California, Davis.

Don’t miss out on this important and stimulating one day event!

There is still time to register for next week’s health inequities event in Albany! 6 hours of CEU’s available for CPRP and NYS SW!

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Click Image to Download PDF of Agenda

Click Image to Download PDF of Agenda