Alert: Healthcare/SCOTUS 800 Number LIVE

NYAPRS Alert: This message from the National Association of County Behavioral Health & Developmental Disability Directors is of the utmost importance to us all.  (Please follow the prompts explained below for successful results)

Healthcare/SCOTUS 800 Number LIVE. 

We just put up an 800# to help get calls into Senators right now focused on stopping a SCOTUS nominee that could take away people's healthcare. Obviously, having calls go in early and immediately is extremely important to setting the stage on this fight.  

Please feel free to use or share this phone number: 1-866-426-2631

Below is the call script for your reference and of course reach out with any questions.

Call Script:

"Thank you for calling the healthcare security hotline. In a moment you will be connected with your Senator.

‘After months of trying to repeal healthcare, President Trump and Republican Senate Leadership are now planning to appoint a Supreme Court Justice who could take healthcare away from millions of Americans. There is a case right now working through the courts that would take away the protections for people with pre-existing conditions. If Justice Kennedy is replaced by a more conservative justice, then the ACA’s pre-existing condition protections, the ability of people to get Medicaid --or even worse the entire law--could be at risk.

  • We must demand senators get real answers from nominees about where they stand on issues of the day. Any nominee must demonstrate a commitment to healthcare for all Americans.

‘To be connected to your Senator, please enter your five-digit zip code, followed by the pound or hash sign.”


“We’ll transfer you now.  Thank you for making your voice heard, and please remember to tell the person who answers the phone:

  • I’m urging you to vote no on any Supreme Court nominee who would take healthcare away from millions.