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NYAPRS Note: Since 2004, The International Association of Peer Supporters (iNAPS) has served at the only nation-wide organization to represent the interests of the peer support workforce that includes members from every state and several countries outside the US. Members of this network can come together to share their ideas and innovations, exchange resources and information based on real world application, and add their voice to others when concerns and issues affecting all of us require a global response from a global community. Please see below all of the benefits of iNAPS membership and consider joining today. Thanks!

Why Join iNAPS?

iNAPS—the International Association of Peer Supporters—is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which has been the only nation-wide organization to represent the interests of the peer support workforce and to have annual conferences since 2006.  Founded by Steve Harrington and an avid group of peer specialists in Michigan in 2004, our mission is to grow the profession by promoting the inclusion of peer supporters throughout healthcare systems worldwide, and our vision is that peer support become a viable option for anyone who wants the mutuality of a compassionate peer support relationship.  Membership is open to any peer supporter—voluntary or formally employed as a peer specialist—and to allies who support the concept and the real-world development of this unique kind of helping.  Dues for one year are $35; lifetime memberships are available for $350. 

By joining iNAPS, you are helping to advance the agenda of peer support by strengthening our voice and increasing the capacity of our communities to connect with each other, learning about current issues in the field, the latest research on peer support, and policy developments at the state and federal level which impact peer employment and reimbursement for services.  This is accomplished in part through our monthly newsletter, which reaches over 5000 people, and our Annual Conference, which this past year was held in Orlando, Florida, with keynote speakers Keris Jan Myrick, MBA, MS, Mark Salzer, PhD, and Azza Altaraifi.  Last year’s keynoters, in Phoenix, were Pat Deegan, PhD, Sally Zinman, and Chacku Mathai, CPRP.  Next year’s conference will be in San Diego from October 21-23, 2019.

iNAPS has broadcast and archived on our website over 30 webinars on topics of interest to peer support workers and supervisors, and although anyone can view these, official continuing education credit is available only to members.  Membership in iNAPS also allows you to attend our annual conference for a reduced rate, and to participate in a number of regular community networking and education events, such as a monthly peer specialist networking teleconference, and a monthly supervisors’ teleconference.  iNAPS publishes regular newsletters with perspectives from members and updates on the profession, and recently was chosen by the Copeland Center’s Doors to Wellbeing project to administer the National Peer Specialist Registry.  This database, scheduled to go live in early 2019, will allow peer support workers from anywhere in the U.S. to list their name, credentials, and any contact information and self-description that they want potential employers to see. 

We are very excited about what’s ahead in the field of peer support, as more and more healthcare settings are recognizing the power and value of peers in maximizing positive health outcomes.  With iNAPS uniquely positioned to represent the interests of peer supporters throughout the U.S., we are looking forward to having chapters in all 50 states. But we need YOU in order to accomplish that goal. Come join us as we shape the future of our profession!  

For more information and links to resources and a membership page, go to our website,