Last Chance to Get on the NYAPRS Bus to Albany Next Tuesday! See Legislative Day Book

NYAPRS Note: Next Tuesday is NYAPRS’ Annual Albany Legislative Day! The weather will offer sunny 43 degree weather, and over 70 degrees in the Egg’s Hart Auditorium, Capital and Legislative Office Buildings. Upwards of 600 self and system advocates are coming to Albany to raise their voices loud and proud to see that housing programs and community mental health agencies and workers get critically needed increases and that the state imposes a ban on the use of horrific solitary confinements for people with disabilities and funds more Crisis Intervention Teams across the state, among the broad array of issues listed below. For more details, see the attached NYAPRS Legislative Day book.

See below for contact information with our regional leaders to ensure that you and your peers and colleagues claim their seats on their local bus and the program schedule for the day. Come next Tuesday to advocate on behalf of tens of thousands of recovering people and community workers

leg day final.jpg