NYAPRS Releases April 16-7 Executive Seminar Program: Register Today!

NYAPRS Note: NYAPRS is very pleased to release our full program line up and schedule for this year’s Executive Seminar program, entitled “Creating Value Without Compromising Our Values,” to be held on April 16-17 at the Albany Hilton.

Hear how national and state agency leaders are finding a way to maintain recovery and rights focused values in the ever challenging healthcare environment. Learn about the latest advances in peer services, self-directed care, HCBS enrollment and retention, DSRIP behavioral health initiatives, Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics and employment models. Hear how our panelists are answering the urgent call to find successful strategies that are averting fatal overdoses and suicides. Please join us: register today at the corrected link: https://rms.nyaprs.org/event/page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm/event/register&reset=1&id=30

See you in April!

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