Breaking: NYS Senate Budget Resolution Adds Some $ for COLA, Housing, CIT

The NYS Senate just released its one house state budget resolutions that adds some funds to the following mental health related items:

- Providing $9.25 million to restore the Cost of Living Adjustment effective January 1, 2020;
- Restoring $3.735 million for the Joseph Dwyer (Veteran) Peer to Peer program;
- Providing an additional $1 million to expand the Dwyer Program to additional counties, including NYC;
- Providing $3 million for additional supports and services for office of mental health housing programs;
- Providing $1.5 million for Crisis Intervention Teams;
- Providing $2 million for not for profits providing mental health services, including suicide prevention;
- Restores $400,000 and adds $100,000 for FarmNet;
- Restores $175,000 for the North Fork mental health initiative - Family Services League; and
- Restores $100,000 for the Mental Health Association of New York State to provide statewide first aid mental health training.

Ultimately both houses will reconcile the differences between the Senate’s (above) and the Assembly’s (below) proposals and then meet with the Governor’s team to negotiate a final agreement.

NYAPRS will continue to advocate with both houses for our COLA, Housing and Crisis Intervention Team priorities.