Self-Directed Care Outcomes and Examples Featured at NYAPRS Executive Seminar: Register Today

NYAPRS Note: NYAPRS Executive Seminar Self-directed care initiatives that allow people to make strategic purchases to meet their most important goals are taking off across the nation. New York’s pilot programs in New York City and the Hudson Valley are gaining national attention for their success at engaging and supporting people to move ahead in their lives in the most unique and creative ways that address their most important health, vocational and social needs. Come hear striking examples and impressive outcomes from representatives from those programs, from state officials and the nation’s lead researcher at next month’s NYAPRS Executive Seminar, to be held April 16-17 at the Albany Hilton.  Register today at!

NYAPRS is very proud to offer continuing education hours for LMHC, LMSW, LCSW, CRCC and CPRPs.

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