Reduced Readmissions, Savings: Is That All There Is? 1 Week Till NYAPRS Executive Seminar!

NYAPRS Note: We’re only 1 week out from this year’s NYAPRS Executive Seminar program, entitled Creating Value Without Compromising Our Values,” to be held on April 16-17 at the Albany Hilton!

In keeping with the Seminar’s tradition to take a probing look at the issues of the day, we invite you to hear how NYS providers and health plans are working together to develop a definition of value that goes beyond reducing emergency department visits and inpatient readmissions and getting folks to treatment in 7 days to one that highlights meaningful personal outcomes that advance human connection, hope and dignity and that address the social determinants of health. Are these goals mutually exclusive?

Our Defining ‘Value’ is Key to Provider/Health Plan Collaborations panelists will include:

Jim Gavin, CEO, Community Care Behavioral Health

Denard Cummings, Director, Bureau of Social Determinants of Health, Division of Program Development and Management, NYS Department of Health

John Kastan, Chief Program Officer, The Jewish Board

Moderator: David Woodlock, President and CEO, Institute for Community Living

NYAPRS is happy to offer continuing education hours for through QR code scanning.  At this year’s Executive Seminar, NYAPRS will be transitioning from paper to digital in order to facilitate CE sign in/out and evaluation tracking.  Please check your phone’s camera settings for QR scanning capability and/or check out the attached suggested options. Please join us and register today at