A Farewell and Thank You from Edye Schwartz

NYAPRS Note: As many of you know, Edye Schwartz will be stepping down as NYAPRS Director of System Transformation at the end of this month. I’ve known Edye for over 2 decades….as a major leader in NY’s psychiatric rehabilitation movement, as an exemplary member of NYAPRS as the founding director and innovator at what was then called Putnam Family and Community Services (now CoveCare Center), as a devoted and dedicated NYAPRS Board members and as our nationally acclaimed first Director of Systems Transformation over the past 8 years.

Edye’s tireless devotion to our shared mission and to the workforce and he people we support has had a landmark impact for us at NYAPRS, for New York State and for the nation. Towards these ends, she’s been an extraordinary inspirer, innovator, expert, arch collaborator and flat out nudge J

Our NYAPRS team and I are looking forward to continuing our long partnership with Edye as she moves into her consultant role with us and other organizations and states.  

Please join Edye and Steve Coe at our upcoming Special Reception for these extraordinary Recovery Champions at 5:00 pm on April 16th at the Albany Hilton. And look for today’s next posting for details about the reception and for background on Steve in the coming days.  

To All My Friends:


As many of you know I have finally committed to a “last day” at NYAPRS and by the end of April, I will be stepping down as the Director of Systems Transformation. I leave in my place incredible staff who have elevated our trainings beyond what even I expected and as we move forward they will each be in charge of their own areas of expertise working directly with Harvey and our COO.


I have had the joy of a long career in an area that has brought me incredible pleasure. 40 years ago I was assigned to work at the Westchester Crisis Intervention Team for my MSW internship and I so fell in love with the “work” that I never gave a thought to doing anything else. In the late 80’s I heard Bill Anthony and Patricia Deegan speak at a conference and their simple words “people with mental health challenges want and deserve the same things out of life that the rest of us want and deserve” changed my way of thinking, my direction, my practice and my life. From that day on I have been committed to helping create a system that is fair, just and respectful to those who use it and fulfilling and satisfying to those who work in it.


I have had many incredible experiences and opportunities and have had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people and learning from those who developed, participated in and offered a whole host of services. Eight years ago it was time for the golden opportunity of my career… working with the organization I had loved for years- the organization that had sustained me when the idea of recovery oriented services was not as prevalent as it is today….NYAPRS. It has been my privilege to work with and learn from Harvey and the staff at NYAPRS-- to push the boundaries and never give up until all people obtain everything they need and want for a truly full life. We are still working on this but there are oh so many more people fighting alongside now. It is gratifying to feel a part of a movement that has so many heroes within it.


So I say goodbye but of course not totally! I’m not ready to go “quietly into the night” so I will continue to do some consulting through NYAPRS and by myself and hope to see many of you again. After April 30 I can be reached at edyeschwartz1@gmail.com and my usual phone 845 216-9911. Thanks to all of you who have shared your knowledge, experiences and passion with me over these many years. I will be eternally grateful for what you have taught me…and I know we will continue to fight for what is right and just in the years ahead…so it’s definitely not goodbye- just see you soon!


With many thanks and much affection!

Edye Schwartz, DSW, LCSW-R

Director of Systems Transformation