Register for Oct 15 MCTAC+ Supervision Webinar!

NYAPRS Note: Register for the next webinar in the MCTAC+ Supervision Series. NYAPRS’ own Ruth Colón-Wagner will be presenting on how to engage in difficult conversations with supervisees. She will be sharing her expertise in how to have positive outcomes when facing difficult conversations. Click the register now button below for this webinar, which takes place from noon-1pm on October 15th.

Reminder to Register: MCTAC+ Supervision Webinar Series

Supervision: Difficult Conversations

As you navigate all of your many responsibilities as a supervisor, inevitably you will encounter the need for engaging in difficult conversations regarding employee performance and taking corrective action. This webinar will review eight steps for maximizing the effectiveness of these conversations so that people feel safe and are open to change. We will introduce the Transactional Analysis of communication as an approach to support the supervisor/supervisee relationship through these difficult conversations.

Webinar participants will:

1.    Recognize the challenges inherent in the supervisor role

2.    Identify the steps necessary for successful outcomes when facing difficult conversations

3.    Describe the Transactional Analysis approach and its role in effective conversations

Date: October 15th, 2019

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Presenter:  Ruth Colón-Wagner, LMSW