Correction: This very special screening will be show on Wednesday September 25 (the earlier message incorrectly referred to September 26). See you there!

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You are invited to attend a work-in-progress presentation! 

UNLOCKED:  Stories of Public Mental Health Care 

a video-based, online, educational resource aimed at the mental health community with special focus on people going into healthcare and working professionals 

Filmmaker Lucy Winer Will Speak And Share Video Highlights From The Project 

Our Mission

We believe that the stories of individuals with firsthand experience of our public mental healthcare system have the power to shift attitudes and inspire much needed positive change. To this end, building on the ongoing success of our documentary, Kings Park, we have created Unlocked.

Our mission is to address the gaping hole in the education of students and seasoned professionals alike who know little of the public mental hospitals’ tragic past, and the impact of that past on conditions today. Especially right now, people may conclude that the re-opening of institutions is a good solution to current problems. We disagree. The history of what went on at Kings Park, and throughout our state hospital system, cannot be forgotten. 

Through this interactive video website, vivid and deeply personal stories are shared that have not been seen before. People of lived experience, peers, family members, direct care staff, clinicians, administrators, inmates, law enforcement and corrections personnel share markedly different realities. Seen together, these varied points of view provide an overview that supports better understanding and open dialogue.

To realize this ambitious project, filmmaker Lucy Winer has teamed up with author and historian Nancy Tomes, PhD. They are joined by four early partners: University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Columbia University Psychiatric Residency Program, CSPNJ (Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey) and Stony Brook University Dept. of History.



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