Managed Care Technical Assistance Center (MCTAC)

Funded by the McSilver Institute for Poverty, Policy and Research, our primary role with MCTAC is to assure that the needs of agencies that have less experience with the Medicaid environment, managed care and value based payments are front and center in receiving what they need to survive and thrive as we move forward with health care reform. In 2017 MCTAC expanded our role to assist all sized agencies that have less experience with Medicaid in operationalizing what they learn through the multitude of trainings being offered throughout NYS. Partnering with the Association of Substance Abuse Providers, the NYC Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies and Families Together NYS, we coordinate activities to assure consistency throughout the state and across service providers. We provide onsite and web based training and technical assistance as well as targeted regional trainings and in person and telephonic learning communities on special topics that agencies are concerned about as they transition to Managed Care and Value Based Payments.